Thursday, August 11, 2011

FLAME Sparks New Opportunities

This October 2011, FLAME will take off on a new adventure. Besides doing the Pastor's Conference which we do every October, we will be hosting an employee exchange between Walton Rehab and the Disability Center in Upala, Costa Rica. Two therapists from Walton Rehab (Paula Myers and Tonya Bowen) will travel with us and work with the therapists at the Upala Center. They will exchange knowledge, experiences, helpful tips and just get a feel for working in a whole different scenario. They will be accompanied with two translators from Oasis de Bendicion here in Augusta. Returning with us will be two therapist from the Upala Center who will work at Walton for a week, getting to see how things are done here in the States. We are truly looking forward to this exchange. Walton has been a strong supporter of FLAME and the work done at the Disability Center. We have seen this Center grow to be what it is today, providing much needed services. The Disability Center is the only center serving the disabled population in that region.

In December, FLAME will undertake another challege. Maria Del Valle will have the privelege of leading a team from Medical College of GA, with Medical Campus Outreach (MCO)on a medical mission along the borders of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We will have the opportunity to minister, medically and spiritually to tribes that live along the rio Sarapiqui and Rio San Juan. We will travel by boat while there, as this is the only way to reach these tribes. Some of the villages still do not have electricity and schooling for the children is very limited. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

FLAME continues to go where few want to go, providing spiritual needs, medical, construction assistance, supplies and clothing for the children, filling whatever the need may be within our reach. If you would like more information, please visit our website: or email us at

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great excitement builds as we prepare for our next trip to Costa Rica!!

As usual, this trip is full of activities and ministry.

1 - We will be completing work of 2 churches in the Upala region

2 - We will be speaking in eight services in seven days

3 - We will conduct 5 medical clinics

4 - We will be visiting the Center for Disabilities and bring back with us two students from Upala. They will be staying in Augusta for a week and WALTON REHABILITATION HEALTH CARE SYSTEM will be hosting the training they will receive.

This is the most aggressive trip we have ever taken and 20 people will be involved.

Dennis Skelley, CEO of Walton Rehabilitation Health System, pledged Walton's assistance to the Upala Project almost 5 years ago and we believe that commitment has been overwhelmingly met. There are many in Costa Rica, including the President of the country, who have expressed amazement with all that has transpired to get people with disabilities in Upala the help the need

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's Next?

The Upala Project, Walton’s participation in helping to establish a disability center in Upala, Costa Rica continues to make great strides. During our April, 2010 visit we found that they are having some 50 to 70 people a day at the center receiving therapy. We were also told that the Government of Costa Rica now wants to utilize the center as a training facility for Special Olympics. WOW! From a small house three years ago to now two modern buildings up and running. What’s next? It is entirely possible that in the year 2011 we will be looking at some type of Staff Exchange Program. The details of this are still in the infant stage but has great promise. The April trip was also full of FLAME continuing medical clinics for indigenous areas of the country, completing the church on the Melaku Reservation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Costa Rica President to Attend Dedication!

We are only a few weeks from our fall trip to Upala. Our original plan for this trip was to meet with the Board of Directors for the Disabilities Center and plan the dedication of the new Center for Disabilities, which was to take place in April of next year. However, we are told that the President of Costa Rica has decided to be a part of the dedication and now it is planned for when we are there this October.

WOW! What a wonderful surprise! The President of Costa Rica will be with us during the dedication of the Center for Disabilities in Upala. What a turn of events! This will be such a help for the success of the center and our efforts there!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Next Trip Scheduled for the Fall

The next scheduled trip for Costa Rica is planned for Oct. 09 when we will be doing 3 things.

1) Conducting a 2 day pastor's conference (a first for us and we are really excited.)

2) Checking in with the Maleku Tribe regarding the construction of the church.

3) Spending the day with Don Alfredo Cabeza, Pres. of the Disabilities Association of Upala and getting an update on the Upala Project. He is requesting additional information from us that will help him in his efforts to obtain the 'Duty Free Letter' (a government document that allows us to send the disabilities association free used equipment). This is essential in our continued efforts in seeing the completion of the Upala Project.

We will also establish the date and time for the dedication of the buildings they have completed. Probably some time in April 2010. As you can see there is a lot happening! Doors continue to open for us and we remain very excited about this special opportunity for people with disabilities.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to Our Journey

After 20 years of helping individuals in the southeast recover from disabling injuries and illnesses, Walton is branching out and bringing hope and the dream of independence to individuals in Costa Rica. Twelve individuals, led by Walton Chaplin, Dexter Lambert began preparing for their journey in April of 2007. They finally left for Costa Rica on Saturday, April 5, 2008. The team is working with the Association for Disabled persons in Upala, Costa Ricato build a new rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in their region.

We invite you log in and share in our journey.